James A S.

I can't say enough good about (West Roxbury Dental Arts) owned by Dr. Modem DMD. She came here to get certified and knowledge. Dr. Modem did it legally, the hard way! Her crew gets along with her very well. Dr. Modem is also in the U.S. Army medical corps as a captain DMD. I've been with that practice as a patient satisfied for over 50 years. Sincerly,

Sasha M

Hyde Park, MA

I would highly recommend West Roxbury Dental Arts to anyone looking for a new dentist. I have been seen by Dr. Modem three+ times now and each time she greats me with a smile and makes me feel welcome. Dr. Modem is easy to talk with, non-judgemental and super friendly. Additionally, the dental hygienist(s) are great, gentle, and friendly as well. Dr. Modem have been able to provide me with with referrals for oral surgery consultation but has not been pushy. I have been to WRDA for cleanings, a cavity fill, and x-rays. I have no complaints! The office is also great about calling with reminders for upcoming appointments -very helpful for me. Professional, Friendly and clean!

Paul Z.

Westwood, MA    

Over the course of my entire 58-year-long lifetime, I have been very fortunate to have received high quality dental care.  In fact, other than during my service in the United States Air Force, where I also received world-class care, I was served by the same practice, West Roxbury Dental Arts, from my early years till now and have witnessed the career maturation, and finally, the retirements, of three dentists internal to the practice.

At the close of 2015, the practice changed hands to a new owner:  Dr. Srismitha Modem, DMD.  Given my initial uncertainty, I admit to having had considerable reservations…and thoughts of perhaps needing to find a new dental care provider. However, I am pleased to report that after several appointments thus far to receive a variety of services (x-rays, cleaning/check-up, a filling, and a molar crown), my sense of relief at the demonstrated competence of Dr. Modem and her wonderful staff is fully justified—everyone who cared for me has finely-calibrated hands:  “light,” yet firm, sure, and steady—YES!—I’m confident that I will continue to receive the very best of oral care, thankfully so.

While in the office waiting area prior to each of my appointments, I’ve noticed small children — toddlers... who had been seen before me. I have come to the unmistakable conclusion that Dr. Modem’s main focus is on operating a Family Dentistry.

Having a competent and caring dental practice in your corner should bring a sigh of relief to every person.  It certainly does to me!  I’m truly grateful to be a patient in Dr. Modem’s practice, “West Roxbury Dental Arts.”  Of further note, is that in addition to being a truly lovely lady in all regards, she also proudly serves our military personnel as a commissioned officer ( Captain) in the United States Army.  Myself having worked as an aerospace R&D project officer at the U.S. Army Research, Development, and Engineering Center in Natick, I can fully attest to the comprehensive expertise required of someone in Dr. Modem’s position, and highly recommend her services to anyone seeking the highest level of oral care.

Very truly,

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